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18 Jun
Why your University's statistics worth gold in Student Recruitment? 

Why your University’s statistics worth gold in Student Recruitment? 

by Carolina Vargas

Universities and Business Schools are spending millions on marketing in a battle to recruit new international students as competition intensifies in the higher education sector.

But… How can statistics help them stand out?

Today, Universities should try to communicate the most relevant aspects and facts of them in comparison to the other existing universities. All this, through clear and transparent statistics.

By providing your University’s statistics with your potential students and their parents, you’ll be sharing a trustworthy message that will be appealing to them and will make them accept the fact that the education investment in your university is totally worth it.

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Show the numbers that prove your university is worth attending. There are potential students who won’t consider a university unless it’s proven its value. How can you prove your value? Again, trough outstanding statistics.

What statistics from my University should I be sharing?

If a university actively promotes its high graduation rates, it actively promotes its other departments in the process; It speaks well for the advisors and professors. It shows the staff is dedicated to ensuring its students graduate successfully. It’s a strategy that’s reusable every year with updated statistics.

🌐 Statistics about your Faculty Members

Brag about your faculty members. Share statistics about how it is composed of men and women who are world-class scholars. Mention names and numbers. Promote diversity too. It’s important when wanting to attract students from various nationalities.

🌐 Statistics about your Alumni

Share statistics about your alumni. How many alumni in total has your universities and make a global segmentation. How many of them come from North America, from LATAM, from Asia, from Europe, From Oceania and from Africa.

🌐 Statistics about Honors

Share statistics about how many students or alumni have earned honors or important awards across the globle. Such as Nobel Laureates, heads of state or Pulitzer Prize winners.

Why your University's statistics worth gold in Student Recruitment? 

🌐 Statistics about finding a job after completing an educational program

Share statistics about how many of your graduates find a job after completing an educational program. Sounds great to hear from a parent perspective that 89% of the students that graduated from your university found a job within the next 3 months after the graduation date. Do you agree?


🌐 Statistics about the Entrepreneurship rate of your Alumni

Nowadays entrepreneurship is high value aptitude among the young students. Do a research and find out how many of your alumni have started their own business or are CEO in important companies. We ensure you your time invested on this one will worth it. Students want to feel winners before enrolling in your university. Also their parents want them to have a successful future.

🌐 Statistics about what’s the average salary of your Alumni

We know this is a difficult statistic to find out. If it is in your hands, is a good one to share. Make a research on an specific educational program and get in contact with some of the students to find out what’s the average salary they make after graduating from your university. This will help parents and potential students to make sure that the investment in your university totally worth it.

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  1. Carolina

    Excellent article…but I was wondering what your thoughts are concerning the presentation of this information. Numbers tend to appeal to the rational side but as we know, emotion plays a factor in decision-making too.

    Could institutions be effective in presenting these statistics in a way that addresses the emotional side too?

    For example, having a successful alumnus telling their personal story of how the institution prepared them for success with the stats you mentioned as part of the story?

    Again, great post…so many institutions leave these pieces of valuable info out of communications thereby missing opportunities to increase enrollments.

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