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10 Jul
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Why Webinars are Key to your Lead Generation Strategy

by Melissa Perich

Why Webinars are Key to your Lead Generation Strategy

Webinars are changing the game of how we communicate with audiences today. In this fast-paced world, having time to host a large conference somewhere and try to invite as many people as possible seems like a blast from the past.

Little by little, technology has taken a big part in saving us time and money when it comes to the point on hosting an event with people from different countries in a very cost-effective way.

Producing a high quality, content-rich webinar takes time and effort. Takes professional outsourcing as you will need a production room with enough lightning, a good camera, a great amicable host and of course a very fast reliable connection. Unlike doing a conference, a webinar will allow you to interact with the audience, build a report and build enough trust with your clients that they will want to repeat working with you. Your audience can address any question or concern they have and pull those who are drawn to your approach further into the funnel.


Capturing high-quality leads

Webinars aren’t just informative sessions. They will help you get registrations and subscribers. These leads also tend to be more responsive and of higher quality.

People who go through the registration process and watch the webinar, are seeking not only information but a trusted connection with the brand. Webinar attendees are more engaged as they have access to more information, ultimately making them want to convert in the process.


Get Leads

A webinar allows you to reach prospects from all over the world, so you can expand your customer base and lower the cost per lead. It allows you to reach a broader audience in a very cost-effective way. Its also convenient location wise, since all they need is a good connection and a computer to get in. this fact will likely generate more leads.


Attract the right audience

For lead generation webinars, you´re targeting an audience relatively new to your brand, they maybe sign in by seeing a Facebook ad or heard about on a newsletter, either way, these leads will satisfy their curiosity by joining in and it would be the best opportunity for you and your brand to reach, advertise and convert.


If Someone signs up for your webinar they already have a level of respect for either you or your company. This is something to leverage over time to convert them into customers. Retention rate is a good marker of how you´re delivering on the expectations set in your ad or newsletter. The attendees expect quality, relevant content, but also quality audio and streaming. People also want to listen to engaging speakers who keep the session fun and interactive with specific topics.

A successful webinar balances business results and delivers high-value content. prospects want to get to know the people behind the brand and webinars help make that more tangible in a digital world. The more you allow people to get to know you, the easier it is for them to trust you.

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