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29 Jun
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What is the Social Media Role in the Student Recruitment Journey

by Melissa Perich

What is the Social Media Role in the Student Recruitment Journey

There´s approximately over 3 billion people logged onto social media today. Meaning that almost half of the world as we know it, spends at least half their day updating their social media content through different SM canals.

That’s about 40% on the global population and if you put it into perspective, at least 3.819 billion people with internet, will be accessing their social media of choice as we speak.

According to Hootsuite, the amount of user’s weapon of choice vary. Some will use the internet to receive or share information, some other would use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as their top social media application. The truth is, these platforms will keep growing and so will the number of users, making social media canals the best way to market businesses and in our case, the best way today to implement international student recruitment strategies.

With such extensive usage, any educational institution that wants to tap into new markets and drive enrollments needs a realistic presence online. The effective way to engage and influence students is to be present and active on social media platforms.

While posting can be fun and seems easy, there´s an art to using each platform correctly. We will explore the top 4 social media channels in this article and discuss about these tools, that when used wisely, can organically/paid boost awareness and conversions.



Facebook is the biggest and most popular SM platform today. With around 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is the ideal platform to promote your college or university programs.

Facebook platform is constantly changing and giving priority to the ads, but when posting on Facebook, think about your audience and what they need to read. Smart content creation is important to engage with young audiences.

Create questions – When posting on the feed, involve with your crowd. Ask questions like ¨what´s your favorite city to study¨ will encourage people to share their opinions in your post.

Facebook Ads

After defining your personas, you can target and segment them in order to target them with the appropriate content. Images that are eye-catching are a must. Images are key to engagement on Facebook. Be creative and try different photos, banners or illustrations and see what performs best.

When using Facebook Ads, use a clear CTA. People don’t have the time or patience to figure out the advertisement. Ensure all the CTA´s are clear and linked to the value it will add to a person’s life. Also, it’s important to track and measure every ad and use ads reporting, to see what’s working and what needs to improve.


At least over 900 million people have active accounts on Instagram. This application has come a long way, it keeps influencing and inspiring young audiences around the globe as we speak, making it a great canal to advertise university programs.

Attracting young personas can be generated organically when targeting the right audiences through hashtags, but also, taking advantage of its powerful visual appeal. Instagram makes us feel like we are experiencing the showcase of photographs that often comes with a story. Building a community to generate content through pictures of your University programs and the university per se, can be super helpful when attracting the right audiences.

The intuitive algorithm of Instagram allows it to create different hashtag groups and it will allow people to search for these specific hashtags and save them in their memory, which makes it even easier for people to read your content and see your picture.

Instagram Ads

As a very visual platform, the best way to advertise is through the usage of appealing images or videos. At least 50% of people say they discovered something new through an Instagram ad or by being inspired by a very well written post.

Like many other platforms, Instagram allows you to target specific genders, age groups, and locations. Ensuring that your ad reaches the ideal target for your campaigns.

Instagram is great when it comes to increasing the necessary awareness and traffic of your brand.


The king of hashtags rules on its own 40-character bubble. Many people come into Twitter to read, write, engage with content or rant, but what´s most important is that Twitter allows you to target very specific personas just using the hashtags correctly.

Twitter will help you find a voice, build your audience and will definitely help impulse your university programs. In essence, it can give any university a voice to connect with their students on campus and with young audiences looking for more information on your site.

There are 3 types of advertisement on Twitter.

  • Promotion of tweets: create awareness of your tweets and reach a broader audience by creating a Twitter ad.
  • Account promotion: target your approach, this function allows you to get your account in front of a selected audience
  • Trend promotions: promote trends and the most talked about topics on your network. It will drive engagement by promoting the hashtag.

These 3 social Media platforms will make you engage directly with a young curious crowd. it is up to you as the main source of information to connect and create the necessary content to attract those crowds to your business or University program.

An effective campaign and creative, informative information will put you in the right direction of student recruitment.

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