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15 Feb
What is an Online Open Day? | Web2Present.com

What is an Online Open Day?

by Carolina Vargas

What is an Online Open Day?

“An Online Open Day is like an Open Day but online…” Probably this was the first thought that crossed your mind when reading the title of this article. Don´t worry, you might not be the only one.

In fact, you might actually be right about it, but an Online Open Day is so much more than that.

The main purpose of this article is to explain you what exactly is an Online Open Day and why it is considered by education marketers and admission officers as an excellent tool for recruiting new students this year.

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So… What exactly is an Online Open Day?

An Online Open Day, also popularly known as “Student Recruitment Webinar“, is an informative webinar in which an Institution presents its academic programmes to potential students in approximately 45 minutes.

During the Online Open Day, the speakers, usually admission officers or faculty directors, highlight the benefits of studying the various programmes at their campus. They also share first hand information about the admission requirements, the tuition fees, the programme structure and also what is like to be a student at their university from a student perspective.

Online Open Days are the best new way of presenting online your educational programmes to Millenials and to the Generation Z…

Online Open Days are known for being fun, interactive and user friendly. They are also known for being a great tool to recruit students worldwide and from any academic background.

What is an Online Open Day? | Web2Present.com

How can an Online Open Day help you recruiting students?

If you work in the education industry, you can already feel related to the never ending search of looking for new ways to recruit new students that are more effective and that provide quality over quantity.

Online Open Days are a great way to attract qualified potential student in a non-invasive way…

Through Online Open Days you can awaken the interest of new students who are actively searching which is the best university or country to study the educational program of their choice.

Everyone loves webinars, and you know it. For that reason, organising an Online Open Day will help you to generate many new leads of potential students interested in studying their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree abroad.

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During the Online Open Day you will have the opportunity of influencing them to study at your University, and lastly, by doing an active follow up, you will convince them to enroll in the programme by providing all the last details needed to make it happen.

What do you need to consider when organising an Online Open Day?

When organising an Online Open Day you definitely need to consider a couple of key aspects for ensuring to organise a successful Online Open Day.

You should bare in mind to choose the right platform for your institution. There are a couple of webinar platforms out there. Make sure to define your goals first and then do a research about the different platforms available in the market.

Define your target audience. Who are they? How old are they? Where are they from? After answering these questions, make sure to write a compelling content for the landing page of the Online Open Day…

It is important to define a good date that suits to your target audience. Same applies to the time. If you are approaching a worldwide audience, try to do the Online Open Day in a time that is confortable for most of the different country locations.

Another key aspect is to choose the right presenters and skeakers. Choose confident people who can transmit positive emotions to your potential students. Don´t forget that they are speaking on the behalf of your University, so ensure to choose your best talent.

It is also important to rock the marketing promotions. In order to have a successful Online Open Day you must have the right audience for it. Make sure to set up good marketing campaigns and to spread the word about it using all your marketing channels. If you don´t know how to do it, contact us and we will give you support.

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Lastly, other important aspects to consider are the recording and the follow up of the Online Open Day. Make sure to send out the recording of the Online Open Day to everyone who registered. Don´t wait too long before starting to make the follow up with the potential students. Take the opportunity that they are interested at this precise moment. Don’t let these new leads to get cold.

What is an Online Open Day? | Web2Present.com

Are there other Universities out there organising Online Open Days?

Many Admission Officers and Student Recruiters from Universities and Business Schools worldwide have joined this student recruitment trend as they all agree that organising Online Open Days helps them to save time and money while generating qualified leads from potential students. Also they consider it a good tool for helping them to expand the awareness of their institution and academic offer in various locations.

Some of these Universities organising Online Open Days are the Technological Eindhoven University, Karolinska Institutet, Trinity College Dublin, University of California Irvine, University of Oulu, Politecnico di Milano, Leiden University, Fudan University, Economics School of Louvain, HECTOR School of Engineering and Management, and many more!

What is an Online Open Day? | Web2Present.com

Are there companies who can help you organising Online Open Days to recruit students?

If you are considering on doing your first Online Open Day, you can definitely count on the support of companies that take care of the whole organisation of  Online Open Days.

Here at Web2Present, we work with hundreds of Universities and Business Schools from about 40 different countries promoting everything from undergraduate degrees to masters and executive masters. We can make things easy for you. We will take care of everything, from production to promotions, so you just focus on presenting during the Online Open Day.

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Now that you know what an Online Open Day is. We hope that this student recruitment tool is useful for you when recruiting new students. If you still have doubts about how to organize an Online Open Day, contact us and we will help you.


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