Looking for new ways to recruit students?

17 Jan

University Value

by Luuk Mulling

In the dynamic realm of higher education, universities are continually seeking innovative approaches to enhance their value and attract top-tier students. We will delve into our 10+ years of experience on how we to bring substantial value to universities.

1. Strategic Targeting for optimal outreach

First of all it is important to leverage data-driven insights and market analysis to identify and target prospective students effectively.

14 Apr

The latest developments in EdTech (from the BETT Show, London – March 2023)

by Luuk Mulling

WebinarLeads4you attended the Bett Show, the biggest annual EdTech conference held in London, bringing together the brightest minds and the most innovative solutions of EdTech. This world-class event attracts educators, industry leaders, and startups from around the globe, providing a unique platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Some take-aways:

  • AI in EdTech: artificial intelligence shows to improve educational outcomes and make learning more accessible and efficient, through:
  1. Personalized learning: AI algorithms can be used to analyze individual student’s learning styles, preferences, and performance, and provide personalized recommendations, feedback, and support accordingly.
3 Feb

Diversify international enrolments post-pandemic

by Luuk Mulling

How to Recruit International Students

A new report from ICEF highlights 17 global markets for their potential in helping institutions and schools to build more diverse enrolments (monitor.icef.com).

Institutions and schools have given more attention to the need to build diverse international enrolments. However enrolments remain fairly concentrated in many leading study destinations across a smal number of often highly competitive markets.

24 Jan

How to get over 100 Webinar-registrations?

by Luuk Mulling

Webinars are one of the strongest, best value-for-money channels you can use to bring potential clients from Awareness to Conversion (see our previous blog!). However they are not only interesting to attract new leads, but also show customers, friends, colleagues and prospects that there is in-house knowledge about specific themes and is a sign of authority and thought leadership and increases customer trust.

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