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27 Jul

Top International Student Recruitment Strategies

by Melissa Perich

Top International Student Recruitment Strategies

Studying abroad has become a big decision among international students. In the past couple of years, the study abroad decision journey has grown more complex and many have moved towards the online option. Understanding the process has become crucial for student recruitment agents when defining the best strategies to get their attention and sometimes spending thousands on marketing campaigns to create a bigger impact.

There are a few steps to get to the final decision of finally moving abroad and the student journey is crucial when making it.

The key to a successful student recruitment strategy is the best ways to communicate your ideas. A University that asks the right questions has the advantage to get student responses more quickly.

If a University offers a vibrant student life, a great reputation, a pleasant surrounding, and location, then that’s the message it must send out through different marketing ideas. This is the impression they need to sell in order to attract newcomers. Once the message is clear, the next step for the school would be to tailor the message for a variety of audiences.

Curate content for the students to read when researching online also helps get the attention. A website that offers accurate information about the programs, the costs and portrays how the University is, would be very beneficial. Giving them an idea of what it is like to study there, how the institution works and how is the campus life. Its important to be honest when recreating the scenarios, the whole idea is to be truthful at all times.

Communicating a range of scholarships also attracts a lot of attention. Students from poorer backgrounds will be reached and it will give them the opportunity to apply and luckily enroll.

Social media strategies are super important and crucial in the student recruitment strategies. They will positively impact the University branding. What students says about you in social media would also influence the attention of other possible prospects, creating awareness. Take the Toronto University Lipdub video for example, with almost 53k views has made the university really popular and very attractive to school pupils, as it portrays it as a fun, great environment.

Thinking about the reasons why you want to recruit certain students is also important when creating your strategy. For example, if you want talented students, you will have to create campaigns for potential very talented individuals with the idea of building a network and increasing potential future collaborations.

Location is a key marketing focus. Students researching your programs will want to apply if the location is key for their future. Many students do researches in their local universities but also look for those interesting locations abroad that would give them the opportunity to live a different experience and have more job openings.


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Market your location, tell a story of where you are and why is important to be there, including the top things to do in your location and how the job market has improved through the years. Talk about how great is to live in your city and the advantages it would bring for them to move to your location.

Entry to the University must be a level playing field, with all applicants being treated equally and fairly. Students should have to work hard to get to the University, showing their academic potential and therefore securing their place.


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