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5 Jul

The Study Abroad Portal Welcomes Sqore as a New Partner this Season

by Melissa Perich

Press Release



The Study Abroad Portal by Web2present Welcomes Sqore as a New Partner this Season


Barcelona, Spain. July 3rd, 2018

Sqore is a study portal that will help students around the world choose where and what they want to study, it will help them, find a programme that matches their interest. Sqore was founded in 2010 and its mission is to help users demonstrate their skills and make them count in the recruitment process. The Sqore solution incorporates basic gamification elements into the sourcing and skills-assessment process and combines multichannel marketing with engaging challenges. They also help students around the world, move on with their application once they have proven to fit the admission criteria. They offer different fields of study as well as programmes around the world.  https://sqore.com/

The Study Abroad Portal offers free and interactive Online Open Days. Giving potential Students from around the world, a chance to get to know different universities, colleges, and business schools, ask questions and make an informed decision about future studies.

The Study Abroad Portal will help Sqore to give visibility and awareness to the student’s competitions. While Sqore will help The Study Abroad Portal to create more visibility and awareness of our Online Open Days and Webinars. https://thestudyabroadportal.com

Both parties agree and are bound to help each other in this journey and compromise with this arrangement, with the intention to grow within the educational field.

Web2Present is a global leader in webinar production and webinar promotions, looking to reach Universities and students around the world. Our professional webinar producers take care of all the technical aspects, and also acts as master of ceremony, ensuring a smooth session that reflects positively on you.

The Study Abroad Portal by Web2present is happy to share this partnership and its looking forward to work side by side with Sqore.


“We are expecting to bring out the best opportunities for the students through both platforms by providing educations abroad as well as other student competitions”. – Nancy Lee, Sqore.


“We support the idea of helping each other by building great strategies and helping our brands grow”. – Fabio Di Loreto, The Study Abroad Portal by Web2present


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