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20 Mar

Webinar ´Academic Zen: Mastering Mental Resilience for Student Success´

by Luuk Mulling

WebinarLeads4you presents the Webinar Summit about mastering academic Zen, how to master mental resilience for student success. Academic Zen is not about some mystical calm, but for the art of maintaining focus, adaptability, and positivity amidst study challenges.
(watch the actual webinar here: https://thestud)yabroadportal.com/open-day/academic-zen-mastering-mental-resilience-for-student-success )

In today’s session, we delve into mental health and eco-anxiety, significant hurdles in every student’s academic path.

30 Aug

7 Ways to Meet your Student Recruitment Goals for the new Academic Year

by Luuk Mulling

Hey there, University Student Recruitment Managers. Welcome back! As the academic year draws closer, it’s time to buckle up for the new challenges and opportunities that come with the new intake of students. We know that you have set high goals for student recruitment this year, and we are here to help you achieve them.

10 May

The increasing importance of Data Analytics in Student Recruitment (and tips on how to improve it!)

by Luuk Mulling

Data analytics plays a critical role in student recruitment for higher education institutions. Here are some of the reasons why data analytics is important in student recruitment:

  1. Identifying potential students: Data analytics helps institutions identify and target potential students who are more likely to apply and enroll. By analyzing data on students’ academic performance, interests, and behavior patterns, institutions can create targeted recruitment strategies and outreach campaigns.
7 Oct

Let Students connect amongst themselves to share tips, resolve questions and improve your Conversion-rates!

by Luuk Mulling

We listened to you. We did vast research to find out today´s needs of both Students and Universities and WebinarLeads4you proudly presents a Student Community through their new and improved The Study Abroad Portal.

The idea is simple: Get Students involved and let them connect amongst themselves to share tips, resolve questions and in turn you will improve your Conversion-rates.

24 Jan

How to get over 100 Webinar-registrations?

by Luuk Mulling

Webinars are one of the strongest, best value-for-money channels you can use to bring potential clients from Awareness to Conversion (see our previous blog!). However they are not only interesting to attract new leads, but also show customers, friends, colleagues and prospects that there is in-house knowledge about specific themes and is a sign of authority and thought leadership and increases customer trust.

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