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13 Dec

Mastering Student Recruitment: A Guide to Effective University Marketing – Strategies and Solutions for 2024

by Luuk Mulling

In the competitive landscape of higher education, effective student recruitment is essential for universities. This blog explores key strategies for student recruitment, delving into the realms of university marketing and education marketing. We try to give you actionable insights to enhance your higher education marketing efforts from our 10+ years of experience of WebinarLeads4u in the Higher Education market.

12 Nov

10 Creative Ways To Recruit Students

by Carolina Vargas

Creative ways to recruit students

Through the years the Universities around the world from America to Asia have implemented different ways of recruiting new students. Some of them have been a less effective, others a successful strategy of student recruitment.

Host a live student recruitment webinar that boosts your enrollments

In order to be successful in your student recruitment efforts your University or College must not only look at what others have done with success but also implement new creative ways to engage students and to make them fall in love with your university, with your programme and with your location.

15 Feb

What is an Online Open Day?

by Carolina Vargas

What is an Online Open Day?

“An Online Open Day is like an Open Day but online…” Probably this was the first thought that crossed your mind when reading the title of this article. Don´t worry, you might not be the only one.

In fact, you might actually be right about it, but an Online Open Day is so much more than that.

2 Jan

5 International Student Recruitment Hacks

by Melissa Perich

5 International Student Recruitment Hacks

Through the years, student mobility has increasingly grown, showing a rising demand amongst Universities and Business Schools to market their programmes as much and as effective as possible.

The result has been intensifying competition and diversification of the international student population. Now more than ever students are traveling to far corners of the world to get a proper, affordable education and this fact has pushed International Student admission officers to create better, more interactive and efficient promotional strategies.

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