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30 Aug

7 Ways to Meet your Student Recruitment Goals for the new Academic Year

by Luuk Mulling

Hey there, University Student Recruitment Managers. Welcome back! As the academic year draws closer, it’s time to buckle up for the new challenges and opportunities that come with the new intake of students. We know that you have set high goals for student recruitment this year, and we are here to help you achieve them.

1 Jun

Coffee-break: AI in Student Recruitment (Benefits, ideas & Tools)

by Luuk Mulling

This blog is a summary of the Coffee-break on ´AI in Education, special focus on Student Recruitment´. Watch the Coffee-break here (On-demand): https://app.livestorm.co/webinarleads4you/coffee-break-ai-in-education-with-special-focus-on-student-recruitment?type=detailed 


The Webinar discusses the potential impact of AI on education and student recruitment. It highlights the benefits of AI in providing personalized learning experiences and improving the efficiency of recruitment processes.

27 Jan

5 key trends in Student Recruitment for 2023 – according to us (and our AI-ChatGPT friend 😊)

by Luuk Mulling

Listen to this article in audio here: https://murf.ai/share/ldnc8ivn

Student recruitment is an ever-evolving field, and 2023 is no exception. As technology continues to advance and the job market shifts, the ways in which universities and colleges attract and retain students are also changing. Here are a few key trends to watch for in the coming year:

  1. Increased use of virtual recruitment tools: With the ongoing pandemic, many universities have had to shift their recruitment efforts online.
7 Sep
Sticky Post

The metaverse: the next frontier of marketing and recruitment

by Luuk Mulling

Inspired by the original post from ALEJANDRA OTERO through the EAIE (TM)

In the world of higher education marketing and recruitment it is often hard to find time to step outside metrics of student enrolments and ROI to prepare for the next big trend. This is especially the case when it’s something that seems so distant and – let’s face it – a little bit like science fiction, like the ‘metaverse’.

24 Jan

How to get over 100 Webinar-registrations?

by Luuk Mulling

Webinars are one of the strongest, best value-for-money channels you can use to bring potential clients from Awareness to Conversion (see our previous blog!). However they are not only interesting to attract new leads, but also show customers, friends, colleagues and prospects that there is in-house knowledge about specific themes and is a sign of authority and thought leadership and increases customer trust.

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