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6 May

The transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in Education

by Luuk Mulling

AI has the power to revolutionise the way we teach and learn.

The newly released World Economic Forum report, “Shaping the Future of Learning: The Role of AI in Education 4.0,” explores the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in education.

AI can be used to address key challenges, optimise teachers’ roles, personalise learning experiences and equip students with essential skills for the future. 

23 Oct

The Crucial Role of Emotional Intelligence in Today’s AI Landscape

by Luuk Mulling

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the role of soft skills is gaining unprecedented importance. With universities around the world offering leadership development programs that focus on equipping students with the essential skills for the AI era, it’s clear that the ability to navigate this complex terrain goes beyond just technical expertise.

22 May

AI in Education

by Luuk Mulling

This blog is witten based on “The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education” .


The groundbreaking book explores the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and education, and in this blog we provide a summary as well as examples to help you get up to speed on the topic.

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