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14 Jul

Student Recruitment Webinars as a brand building tool for universities

by Carolina Vargas

Branding is the creation of an image, symbol or name that provides a consistent theme for a company’s product or service across a wide range of mediums. When successful, a brand can significantly help a company differentiate itself from its competitors and increase sales.”

Using webinars can help promote a brand and is often one of the key goals of many webinars, in addition to lead generation. It allows universities to not only interact with international students on a dynamic platform, but also to position themselves as an institution implementing state of the art recruitment strategies.

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This interactivity is one of the most useful and potent aspects of online branding.  By creating a dialog with targeted students, universities can develop real insight about their post graduate courses and can also reinforce its certain unique aspects about their campus. Since word of mouth and the speed of the social web is crucial to the continued success of recruitment strategies for any particular course, this interactivity can rapidly enhance or reduce a university’s perceived status.

An ideal Student Recruitment 2.0 strategy includes a series of informative webinars of specific courses which can greatly enhance not only online reputation but also establish yourself as an industry leader, combined with a targeted advertising campaign can prove to be even more effective with social media promotions – for both brand promotion and online registrations.

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