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WebinarLeads4you (>50 qualified leads!)


You see the power of webinars, however don´t have the time to coordinate and/ or need a qualified audience?

Then this is for you!

Try the Netflix of student recruitment and get a high quality webinar production and in-session support from our experienced producer. You’ll get a minimum of 50 qualified leads of potential students based on worldwide target-audience (unless otherwise specified).

The cost of Production is normally €999,- however we do it at NO COST if you order now! (offer expires 30th August)

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Get a fully professionally produced Webinar including (at least) 50 leads from your desired target-audience!

  • Once you submit the order we will contact you to coordinate the Webinar as confirm the target-audience and objective.
  • the stated volume of 50 leads is a minimum of registrations to the webinar (based on worldwide target-audience, unless otherwise specified)
  • Our Producer will do a Briefing to ensure the Presentation is engaging & impacting (incl. possible videos/ Pollings/ CTAs etc.) and hosts it through our Streaming Platform (includes technical Support).
  • The audience is qualified through both our targeted Marketing-channels, page-filters, specific questions we ask as well as calling the leads to verify,
  • As the webinar is being recorded, the Webinar actually lives on for many more months as the audience can even still submit questions/ pollings in the recording of which you will be notified (even possibly answer by chat!)
  • You get access to your web based report from the beginning of the campaign. The report updates in real time and gives a lot of insight on the student profiles & interest-levels. (and allows to download your leads!)
  • Make the recording the centerpiece and link other promotions to it (social media, website, database etc.) to increase engagement and conversions (UTM-tracking codes seperate your registrations from ours)
  • Last but not least it includes peace of mind 🙂

Submit the order and we will contact you and confirm the qualification-criteria (depending on your program requirements and target-regions) and we will help you convert many potential candidates to your programme(s)!


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