Looking for new ways to recruit students?

Host a live student recruitment webinar that boosts your enrollments

Since 2010 we are the leaders in the production and promotion of student recruitment webinars. We’ve helped hundreds of universities and business schools from more than 50 different countries recruiting new international students with our live Student Recruitment Webinars/ Online Open Days.

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Recruit New Students

Recruit new students by hosting a webinar that allows you to attract, engage and convert the right students

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Brand your University

Let your best talent present your university in a one hour webinar. Showcase your campus, teachers, students or successful alumni

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Expose your Programs

Share informative and valuable content about your educational programs through a live presentation

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Engage Students

Engage students around the world with the unique interactive features of our student recruitment streaming webinar platform

Attract and engage more students around the world with an interactive student recruitment webinar

Organize an innovative Online Open Day to showcase your university and to highlight the benefits of studying one of your various programmes at your university. Take the opportunity to share first hand information about the admission requirements, the tuition fees, the programme structure and what it’s like to be a student at your university.

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com
Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Provide students with a unique user experience thanks to our top notch webinar streaming platform

With the following features, we ensure that your potential students get a unique experience during your student recruitment webinar:

  • Easy Access. No plugins or downloads required.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Videos and slides
  • Chat
  • Q&A Session and Polling

Measure the ROI and success of the student recruitment webinar with our smart report

You have access to a real time web based report. Our smart report provides statistics such as:

  • Students registration data
  • Attendee data and engagement scores
  • Questions asked and polling answers
  • Attendee and registration page conversion rate
Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com
10 Creative Ways To Recruit Students | Web2Present.com

Organise your first Online Open Day with us and boost your enrollment rates!

Organising an Online Open Day with us is easy. You only present, we do the rest. Contact us and get a little insight into how we do all marketing and production. Hear from our experts how our smart report works and how our Quality Control team call all registrants to make sure the quality of the students meet your expectations.


Discovery Meeting

After reaching an agreement, we will schedule a discovery meeting. Here we discuss what you will be presenting, when the live online open day should take place and what the profile of your desired students is.

Discovery Meeting Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Research and Initial Set Up

At this stage, we will build your customized registration page. It will include all the practical information about your Online Open Day, such as date, time, event description, tuition fee, admissions date and speaker bios. Parallel to this, we will research your target audience and decide which marketing channels we will promote your webinar through.

Research Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Marketing Promotions and Quality Check

The marketing campaigns will as much as possible be tailored around your requirements. Your registration page will get thousands of visitors. Those who register will get a call from our Quality Control team to ensure we are on track. Please note that you may invite as many of your own prospective students to your webinar.

Marketing Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Dry Run with our Producer

A week or two before the webinar one of our experienced webinar producers will do a dry run with your presenters to ensure everything works and to provide them with tips and tricks on how to deliver a powerful presentation.

Dry Run Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Day of the Live Webinar

On the day of the webinar, we take care of everything and you only present. A few hours before the webinar we will do reminder calls to students to ensure a higher live attendance rate.

Students can watch from a mobile device (no app required) or a computer. Your webinar is also recorded for those students who cannot join live.

Live Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Full Access to the Smart Report

After the live webinar, you’ll get full access to our web-based report that includes statistics such as: students registration data, attendee data, webinar engagement score, questions asked and polling answers.

This report updates in real time!

Smart Report Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Students Follow Up

As a part of our service we can call all the students after your webinar to shortlist the ones that seem really interested, making your job even easier. Calling the students will increase the chances of conversions.

Follow Up Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com


Student Enrollments

Some students might apply right away but now is your turn to be proactive. Take advantage of the interest your webinar has generated and be ready to answer any last questions the students might have. Some students might not apply for the first intake but wait until future intakes.

Interested in knowing more? Contact us below!

Enrollments Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

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