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10 Nov
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Let us lead you to qualified students: The Study Abroad Portal!

by Carolina Vargas

Web2Present introduces TheStudyAbroadPortal.com!

It is the unique place where students come to either join one of our many info webinars or to search for international programs that might be interesting to them.

TheStudyAbroadPortal.com is unique because of the low number of programmes we allow in it. The low number of programs means that your University or Business School gets much more visibility. We hereby invite you to add 2 study abroad programs to our portal for FREE.

Because we want your programs to display nicely we will add them to the portal for you. Let us know if you are interested by sending an email to universities@thestudyabroadportal.com

Read more about this and the option of buying (selective!) lead-credits here: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/DvkF8sbEYzE2ys

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