Looking for new ways to recruit students?

Lead-generation (only)


Are you already doing Webinars yourself and/ or only need qualified potential students? Then have us help you generate leads from the target-profiles/- countries you want! We can discuss your requirements and bring students from Awareness to actually Applying with your institute.

Let us know your requirements and we´ll get in touch.

Conversion Webinars

If your challenge is to convert students, then this is for you! We take care of the production and you invite all of your database/ potential applicants to join the webinar to inform them about their options. Our engaging Webinars brings them from Awareness to Interest and through CTA´s (Call To Actions) and follow-up calls to apply with you!

What we offer?

  • Initial online discovery meeting with Web2Present to discuss the objective of the webinar
  • Online Hosting and Production
  • Customized registration page for your webinar (can be public or unlisted)
  • Email and SMS reminders to webinar registrations
  • Training to Presenters/Panellists, Dry-run
  • (Technical) Support and webinar moderation services
  • Reporting, post-analysis and recommendations
  • Webinar Recording available for min. 6 months (available for unlimited views/client may also download recording)
  • Audio through VoIP

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