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7 Jun
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How does students choose the right University program?

by Melissa Perich

How does students choose the right University program?

Whenever students start searching for information online about university programs, are most likely to be looking for certain patterns and options.

Universities that offer scholarships are the most popular ones, and alongside those, are the ones that offer a high-quality teaching, or it is well ranked.

But, what makes a student want to grasp for international education?

Is it because their home country won’t offer competitive choices? Is it because the quality of the education is low, where they live?

Most of these questions could identify a problem, but what really drives a student to want to study abroad goes a little bit beyond that.

One of the most popular factors actually involves the unique opportunity to pursue a particular career and being able to expand their capabilities, a unique networking experience and ultimately to find a better job opportunity.

Each year, the number of students wanting to expand their career choices, make this big step towards an amazing challenge and the unforgettable experience that is studying abroad.

However, while looking and making this decision a possibility they tend to start searching online first.

Now, there is a lot of useful information available to help students make good choices, but this alone is not what drives them to make that final decision. Information on its own has limitations – it can be incomplete, fail to give a complete overview on the program, or be meaningless or misleading. What’s more, people need help interpreting and contextualizing and comparing data.

There will always be a crucial role for good-quality advice from careers advisors, alumni and parents, to help students work out what’s important to them and how to get there.



 So, where does students search data?

From our own experience in www.web2present.com, we share our knowledge on the things that international students look for when choosing a university, and the resources they consult to help them do this.

In my experience working for the Quality assurance department and helping students to get more information, I can say that they absolutely want to get as many details as possible about the program they want to do. They want to know if the University offers a scholarship, they ask often for the tuition fees and the living cost expenses in the country they want to go.

We, as mediator provide them with the right tools to access all this information for free by joining our online open sessions with different universities, offering them an enormous amount of choices and opportunities where they can come and choose for themselves.

Speaking from our informative sessions, I can ensure that the most efficient way to get this information in a complete sense would be doing webinar sessions, engaging the university directly with the students at the same time in an interactive, cost effective way, where both parties benefit.

Social media is also increasingly important, when looking for a program. Universities are using this method as a way to promote their variety of Masters, bachelor’s and MBA’s.

If you want to learn more on how to recruit students for your University or College I invite you to come and join our Coffee breaks in the link below and get informed from the best professionals in the field of educational recruitment.

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