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30 Jun
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Here’s what International students want from their potential Study Abroad Universities! Yes you!

by Carolina Vargas
With our previous blog discussing the favourite destinations for students to study abroad and their study preferences (see: Who is studying abroad?) we'd also like to share with you the study trends of international students, showing the most important criteria for students before making their study abroad decision.

Motivations and priorities

While international recognition of qualifications remains the top motivating factor for students in surveys, this was selected by fewer respondents in 2013 compared to 2009. Meanwhile other important factors seem to be gaining in prominence – most notably study costs and access to financial aid, and post-graduation employment prospects, both in terms of the career value provided by a particular institution, and immediate post-graduation employment prospects in the chosen study destination

Courstesy of QS- TopUniversity.com

International recognition remains students’ top priority – but declining in importance

The decline in the percentage of respondents choosing ‘international recognition of qualifications’ as one of their top priorities when choosing a study destination parallels the diversification of the sector, with a larger selection of countries establishing strong international reputations in higher education. As a result, this may gradually become less of a critical factor for students – not because it is less important, but because it’s more widely available and therefore less of a distinguishing element.

Growing need to know of scholarships and graduate opportunities

This chart reflects the growing global visibility being attained by more individual universities; thanks to the acceleration in the availability of and access to online information, combined with international marketing and recruitment campaigns, it’s no longer the case that only a handful of prestigious institutions can claim international stature.

For this reason, in addition to current international student recruitment strategies, webinars provide a great opportunity for students to learn more about study programmes through an interactive and dynamic platform, i.e. a student recruitment webinar.

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