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General Questions

A webinar is a web-based seminar that is transmitted live via the Internet directly to your computer. It is just like attending a seminar but from your home, office or class.

All Web2Present Webinars are completely free to join.

You simply click on ‘Webinars’ in the top right side of the screen, chose category and pick a webinar of your choice. In order to register you need to fill in the contact form. After registering you will get a confirmation email with the access link to the webinar.

In case you do not receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder. If you find the email there, remember to add our domain to your approved emails so you can receive all the updates on the webinar. If it is not in your spam folder, send us an email to contact(at)web2present.com mentioning your name and webinar of interest. This way we can check that the registration got through.

You only need a computer with speakers/headset and access to the Internet. You will receive a confirmation email and only then will be asked to install a plug-in (from ‘WebEx’). Automatically accept the installation.

As our webinars are live and fully interactive we encourage you to ask our presenters any questions on their presentations. During the session you can submit your questions through the Q&A-panel on the right of the screen. Let´s make it interactive, fun and a useful learning experience for all!

Pricing Questions

Contact us to obtain more information.

Contact us to obtain more information.

Technical Questions

No prior installation is required. After clicking the link a small plug-in is installed, secure and firewall-friendly, after which you can access the webinar. In some particular cases and depending on your computer’s configuration you might have to download a secure software.

Yes, you can join a webinar from both a smart phone and a tablet. You do have to download the WebEx app to do so.

No, the audio is streamed via the Internet through the speakers of your computer (headset recommendable).

Although it’s very rare, a technical issue can arise. Contact us at contact(at)web2present.com for assistance.

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