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15 Jun
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Effective Ways to Recognize the Ideal Persona for International Student Recruitment

by Melissa Perich

Effective Ways to Recognize the Ideal Persona for International Student Recruitment

Every school has a different way to identify their target students, it will depend on how the school is positioned in the marketplace. Some institutions might already have a large international community, drawing more international students to its portals when seeking for a higher educational option, some others need to do a little bit of an extra afford to understand their personas and work their way around it effectively.

But how can you really identify which persona is more likely to be good for your program? Is it the background, the age, the gender, their financial means or previous preparations?

It all depends on what programs your school is offering, and which crowd you want to attract. If you’re looking to get to the right target of students, the first step should be to identify where do you want these students to come from, know what you need them to have in terms of past education and if they graduated or hold a bachelor’s degree, the language they speak is also a key factor. These aspects will let you ensure your personas are truly representative of your audience diversity.

When promoting your program, you can create a survey that would help you understand your audience better. Questions like, which program did you enroll in or why did you choose this program? Will help you separate and identify your personas, and will give you a perspective on them, what they’re looking to do and if they qualify or not for your program.

Identifying new international prospects and targeting them

While all of the above might help identify your target’s relevant information, its also necessary to understand which countries you would like to aim. It is important not to limit the possibilities to create a multicultural environment, a worldwide program will attract more leads and its more appealing than the sectorized ones.

Identify the countries and regions where you already be attracting and creating engagement through your web analytics, there’s a potential to grow in the countries that click on your website the most. This can determine how much visibility you have worldwide and help you identify those countries you need to market the most, or potential countries who had expressed interest in your program.

The age segmentation

Some universities make age a really important issue when trying to recruit students from around the world. You might find a large list of people applying for your program from different ages and backgrounds. People searching for your bachelors and masters programs can be segmented into 2 different groups, for example: students looking for Bachelor programs might be younger than the ones looking for Masters, however this doesn’t mean it will be this way all the time.

Its important to know how to classify these students, without taking the privilege away of getting informed whichever the case or the age they have.

 Knowing your target and activating the campaigns

Once you know and understand your personas you can start promoting your programs through different marketing strategies. In Web2present, we create promotion tactics and help universities identify the best campaigns to promote your programs. Get to know us and find out how are we helping thousands of Universities find their right targets and the right way to recruit international students in our coffee breaks

Finally, the key to ensure success is to treat your personas as a viable source of information. Knowing what they want, where are they coming from, what programs they like the most and in which age category they are, will give you all the information you need to categorize them and implement strategies based on what they require. Diving deeper into the specific metrics and key performance indicators will help you determine how to improve these campaigns if the target is not reached.

Want to get informed?

visit our site and and let us know in which way we can help you improve your International student recruitment strategies!


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