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We are experts in promoting and hosting webinars for universities and companies worldwide
Student Recruitment Agency | Web2Present.com
Student Recruitment Agency | Web2Present.com
Student Recruitment Agency | Web2Present.com
Student Recruitment Agency | Web2Present.com
Student Recruitment Agency | Web2Present.com
Student Recruitment Agency | Web2Present.com

Recruit Students

We introduce you to students from any region in the world. We take care of everything from production to promotions.

Save Time & Money

Stand out from the crowd. Save time and money. Our dedicated staff takes care of everything. You only present, we do the rest.

Improve your Reach

Reach your specific target group. The marketing campaign will as much as possible be tailored around your requirements.

Leaders in Student Recruitment through Online Open Days

Founded in 2009, and Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Web2present works with universities, Colleges and Business Schools all over the world helping them recruit new international students through live and interactive webinars.

The service includes everything from Marketing, Quality Calls, Reminder calls, Webinar Production and Follow up Calls after the webinar.

The company also offers pure webinar production, marketing only packages, Agent Webinars and the hosting of your own produced Student Recruitment Webinars. Download our media kit to learn more about our services!

Engaging & Interactive

Videos, Q&A session and polling will make your webinar engaging and interactive for the international students.

Quality Control

Guaranteed qualified leads. Students are called when they register, on the day of the webinar and after the webinar.

Reporting & Recording

Get a detailed report. Your webinar is recorded and can be used as a part of your recruitment strategy moving forward.

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    Dalarna University

    “Their experienced staff has repeatedly done an excellent job in making all the necessary preparations for our webinars. I strongly recommend the Student Recruitment Webinars as an effective marketing tool because of the quality of the platform and the quality of services provided, as well as the effectiveness of reaching our target”

    Michael Oppenheimner,
    Director of International Recruitment

    Trinity College Dublin

    “As a pilot we are quite satisfied with the results. For sure we got some applica-tions from this, and this can still increase due to the recording, but with even only 1 new student this makes sense for us. Therefore we will look at doing more webinars to recruit for our MBA programme in the coming academic year.”

    Aoife Fitzpatrick
    MBA Admissions Officer

    Stellenbosch University

    “The webinar went extremely well, from the production to the actual recruitment. With a total of 217 registrations we can look back at a very successful webinar. Although it is still early to know exactly how many of those were converted, at least a handful directly were, which makes the ROI a very positive one”

    Marie Willows
    Manager Client Relations

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