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4 Jan
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5 Tips for a Successful Student Recruitment Webinar

by Carolina Vargas

In the past couple of years universities and business schools have realized how crucial it is to use webinars to recruit international students. The admissions officers and student recruiters recognize that compared to student fairs using webinars is a way to, not only save costs, but also more effectively reach more students from all around the world,

Since student recruitment webinars have become an important tool for the marketing strategy, universities and business schools must take certain factors into consideration that will determinate the success of the student recruitment webinar.

With the main purpose of helping universities and business schools give international students a real experience through these informative webinars, WebinarLeads4u would like to share the following 5 tips for a successful student recruitment webinar:

1. Choose a killer topic: Let’s face the truth, It’s really really hard to get students to attend your webinar if your topic stinks. The topic is what will capture the attention of your potential students. Choosing a topic for an MBA webinar doesn’t need to be boring. Make the topic more interesting by adding the location of the programme, its benefits, it’s importance, or pick a topic related to one of the subjects included in the academic structure of the programme. “Study a top ranked full time MBA in beautiful Rome!”

2. Select the right speaker: When choosing the speaker(s) for the webinar, make sure to select a person(s) that dominates all the information from the university/business school and the programme. The speaker(s) must be a person(s) who feels comfortable speaking to an audience, must have the capacity of maintaining interest of the attendees and most of all, have great presentation skills.

From our experience, we recommend a maximum of 3 speakers. The perfect mix of speakers for a student recruitment webinar is: the Director of the programme, the Admission Officer and a student or alumni from the programme.

3. Take the time to prepare a “heart-stopping” presentation: Do you recognize how many options technology offers you to prepare a great presentation? Always remember that there’s a lot of competition our there, and your university or business school needs to show the best of the best. We recommend that you prepare a presentation that takes your programme, location and your target audience into consideration. Use images and/or videos, talk about the students’ experiences, the classes, the location, life on the campus, talk about the school’s accreditation; share unique and personalized information. Last but not least, say good-bye to “death by powerpoint”

4. Take your target audience into consideration: When preparing your webinar, remember that your webinar is all about your potential students, not taking things like cultural habits and timezones into consideration is a huge mistake. This student recruitment webinar will be your business card presentation to them, make your first impression count and make them feel special so they don’t forget you.

For example, if you university/business school is located in Europe and your target audience is from South East Asia, do you consider if the potential students have the same motivations as an European student? Always remember to ask yourself questions about your audience, before preparing the webinar presentation. Should you use humour or be more serious? Talk about your campus nightlife or leave that out?

5. Give a boost to the student recruitment webinar through all your channels: In our experience, when university and business school collaborates and also promotes the webinar using all their promotion channels, the results can be incredible. Don’t be afraid of sending an invitation to your email database or inviting your Facebook and Twitter followers. At the end of the day, it’s all about the success of the student recruitment webinar and the goal of recruiting students for your next intake!

We hope that these 5 tips are useful to you when you prepare your next student recruitment webinar. Good luck!

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