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28 May
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5 Reasons why Webinar Marketing will Improve your Lead Generation Approach

by Melissa Perich

5 Reasons why Webinar Marketing will Improve your Lead Generation Approach

The dynamic of businesses is changing drastically, more startup companies are rising and many entrepreneur’s business are changing the way we work and how we do it.

In a growing and changing technology era, everything you see and learn online works as a creative tool to innovate the way we learn and process information.

In the marketing field we also want to grow and learn from these new techniques and implement them as we thrive to penetrate an incredibly competitive world.

In the educational field, webinars help students from around the world to get as much information as possible regarding the program they want to study or help them find the right one, prio to their graduation dates.

These webinars work as an informative session that involves the students with Universities admission personnel and is a safe environment for them to ask questions, give their opinions and ultimately choose from one program to the other.

In web2present we work hard to provide these students with the best webinar quality, but also provide our clients with the most accurate results and feedback from the attendees and registrants.

We follow carefully through a specific metrics to understand their behavior, provide a follow up service after the webinar is done and share this data with the client.

From our experience in the field we can name 5 reasons why webinars are a game changer in the marketing approach and here’s why we think they are the best way to reach potential students around the world



  • The Engagement Level Grows

Yes! You can make a webinar about anything really and it will drive whoever is interested in learning more to come and watch.

The more information you provide about your services, the more engagement you will create.


  • Expands your Reach

Webinars will get to absolutely anyone with an internet connection, a computer or a smartphone. It will have more reach than holding a conference or a Skype meeting. You don’t have to worry about the location of your attendees, is an excellent move if your target market resides in many different countries around the world.


  • Webinars Have Huge Impact on Training and Education

Webinar live streams and webcasts can include how-to videos that showcase training in various fields of study and concepts. It’s the sort of training that can be done online, broadcast live and in real-time, and offers immediate feedback from the viewer in question through real-time comments.


  • Webinars Helps You Build and Improve your Audience and Contact List

Every webinar you make creates new contacts. Webinars allow your company to build an audience in the form of viewers and increments the amount of leads based on their level of interest on your programs and services.


  • Webinars Represent a Cost-Effective Solution

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense to invite a lot of people to your webinar than to make a conference. Just like a YouTube video or a podcast, webinars can attract a lot of attendees from different parts of the world in a very cost-effective manner. In web2present our informative sessions are free for any student that wants to join and learn.



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