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3 Dec
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5 reasons why students prefer to find information in study abroad portals

by Carolina Vargas

Have you ever thought of joining study abroad portals? Everyday more and more students visit study abroad portals in their research of the best programme and the best university that suit their interests. There are different reasons why students choose these portals to gather information and those portals have earned the student’s trust in different ways. Discover the main 5 reasons why students prefer to find information about their universities in study portals:

1. All the information can be found in one place. The study abroad portals collect information of lots of different universities and often have them categorized by countries, fields of studies or kinds of programmes (bachelor degrees, postgraduate degrees, MBA…). This way it is easier for the student to find the programme they like and they don’t have to lose their time jumping from one university webpage to another one.

2. The possibility of comparing programmes and universities. As a result of all the information being in one place, through the study abroad portals the students are able to compare the programmes they like in different universities and to compare universities of different countries. This way it is easier for them to see the strengths of each university and find out reasons tpl choose one programme or another.

3. They create online communities for students. Through all their pages in different social networks the study abroad portals create online communities not only for students but also for faculties, universities and alumni from all over the world. This is a big opportunity for them to share experiences, knowledge, discussions and doubts that they may have about the programmes or universities they are interested in.

4. Truthful information that conveys confidence. Lots of universities claim that they have the best programmes or that they are the best ones to study just because they are all searching for new students to recruit. The study abroad portals don’t treat the information as adverts, they put it in a more objective manner so the student can see all the universities as equals and concentrate in the benefits of each programme, see what’s behind all that persuasive talk.

5. They offer unique opportunities. Through the study abroad portals the students can participate in live information sessions (also known as webinars) that the portals organize along with the universities as The Study Abroad Portal do. There are also other opportunities and events that study abroad portals prepare and call the attention of students like contests to win scholarships or travels to the countries where the different universities are located.

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