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2 Jan
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5 International Student Recruitment Hacks

by Melissa Perich

5 International Student Recruitment Hacks

Through the years, student mobility has increasingly grown, showing a rising demand amongst Universities and Business Schools to market their programmes as much and as effective as possible.

The result has been intensifying competition and diversification of the international student population. Now more than ever students are traveling to far corners of the world to get a proper, affordable education and this fact has pushed International Student admission officers to create better, more interactive and efficient promotional strategies.

Adaptability has been the key for many marketers to attract international students to popular Universities. In a shifting technological era, staying digitally behind is never an option.

As a marketer myself I have identified 5 key steps for student recruitment and not die trying.

  1. Know your target

Knowing and understanding the programme you’re about to market around is important, but knowing the specific target you need, is essential to create the perfect campaign.  Knowing these 2 factors will help you know which turn to take when creating a detrimental campaign.

  1. Know your social media channels

I get it, in this social media craze it only logical to want to use them all and reach as much as possible, but this might just not be the case. International Student Recruitment is a different and more complex crowd. Ask yourself, where do you see your campaign will have more click? – where will it be seen more? – which canal is more effective for this specific target?

These questions are important, because until you figure this out, you will understand that not every social media will likely work for your campaign.

  1. Take advantage of interactive webinars

Promoting your programmes through interactive online open days is a very safe way to engage with your audience more effectively. Not only the University will have the opportunity to speak and present the programme, but also the students will be able to interact, creating a safe space for them to make all the questions they feel are important and address the university directly.

Another fact is that webinars per se are cost effective for Universities and absolutely free for students, making it a great choice when promoting any particular programme.

At Web2present we take your programme webinars to the next level. Find out how here 

  1. Nurture your leads

Once the campaign is running, is important to address every registration individually either by email or by phone, in order to keep them engaged while they are fresh. The key here is not to let them cool for a long period of time au contraire! Its super important to keep them interested and send them the necessary information for them to be fully informed.

  1. Know what students want

The majority of students looking to upgrade their education, already have in mind what they want to do after they finish. Some already have a plan regarding the job they want to get and the companies they want to apply. They also highly prioritize culture fit, career path and sense of pride with the company they chose.

Students now a days value most work/ life balance, compensation and benefits, a place to grow.

They want to see programmes that are within their interest. As marketers we need to research and promote these programmes in order to obtain much more reach on our campaigns.

These simple tasks will help you get started through the process of recruitment, however you can always let experts like us help you engage with the right audience.

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