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Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com
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Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com
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Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com
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Eva Lena Rodriquez - Linköping University

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Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

FREE University profile Listing!

Try us out with a FREE Listing!
Get free Awareness and potential students, with
an optional student recruitment webinar

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Live/ On-demand Webinars

Present Live and/ or discover the “Netflix” of Student Recruitment and attract new
international students (even while sleeping)

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Lead-generation (only)

Are you already doing Webinars yourself and/ or only need qualified potential students? Then have us help you generate leads from the target-profiles/- countries you want!

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

360 Campus Tour

We partnered up with a great start-up producing real-life (not virtual!) 360 Campus Tours – request examples and info here!

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

Student Reviews

1 happy student is worth more than many promotional campaigns telling you are great.

We partner with a great Student Review company!

Student Recruitment Webinar | Web2Present.com

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Looking for new ways to recruit new international students?

WebinarLeads4you helps -mainly Universities and Business Schools- from all over the world recruit international students through Leadgen and interactive (Student) Recruitment Webinars.

We are experts in personalized Marketing campaigns, always guaranteeing a minimum amount of Qualified Leads! Contact us to get in touch with one of our agents and get more information to fit a service to your budget and needs.

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Everything you need for successful Student Recruitment

Besides Student Recruitment Webinars we also provide Leadgen only. The goal is to provide a positive ROI and bring actual students to your classroom.


Global Student Recruitment

Reach more students without geographical boundaries with our tailored marketing campaigns


Measure ROI

Gain reliable and in-depth reports on how effective your student recruitment webinar was


Top-notch Technology

Provide students with a unique user experience thanks to our top notch webinar streaming platform


Professional Support

Our experienced webinar producers will support you anytime during the student recruitment process

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Explore our articles, checklists, guides and webinars to stay updated on the latest trends in student recruitment

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